Three picture story

February 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well looks like we’re starting to turn the projects in a more documentary field. This week we were encouraged to build up a three picture story, that’s exactly how it sounds: with just three pictures being able to tell a hole story. Also a short brief was required and a caption for each pic.

I tried a few ideas, knock a few (electronical) doors but as usual the short time and some other difficulties let me on the last day without any clue of what to do. Then I remembered the amazing and new world of dog racing, and wondered how they would live, where, how they were trained… Also I rememebered about John, who I eventually met the first day I was at Wimbledon stadium taking some shoots. Things went on really well, he remembered me and kindly invited me to his farm in Essex. So next morning I was there and able to take some interesting pics about the hidden part of greyhound runners. Unfortunately it was rainning heavily so the dogs were’nt traninig outside, but a physio was caring them to ensure they where ready for next friday race, so wasn’t bad at all.

Here is, enjoy!

Greyhound trainers

The Pipps Hill Farm has no sign on the entrance, but a stone greyhound at each side of the door and the loud of barking dogs let as no doubt that we are in the right place.

Here lives John Simpson, together with his wife and more than 60 greyhound racers. John is a former Totenham football player, who had to left the game due to strong injury, and then turned all his efforts on what had became his truly passion, training dog racers. He’s been running in all London tracks, and getting really good scores on many of them. Now he’s based in Wimbledon stadium, where he goes every weekend to bring the dogs as well as trying a good chance with the betting.

Today is raining heavily, so the dogs can’t get outside, the mud and the water on the field could harm them. Instead of training today came the physio, to ensure the best performance for next Friday. They had a strong and, sometimes, short racing life, so the cares and dedication to them has became John’s life, but as he says, “It’s really hard job, you can only do it if you really like it. And that’s my passion.”

“Dogs need to be really happy, and you can see that here they are. That’s how the things work, if they’re not happy they’re not gonna run well.”

A phisio visit weekly the dogs that are going to run that weekend, to check they are ready.

Mr Simpson and his wife care for more than 60 greyhound racers in his farm in Essex.


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